The Mushrooms

The Bunny and the Weasel between mushrooms. Drawing in ink on paper by Robby das Wiesel.

drawing by The Weasel
- fineliner on paper-

One of the Bunny’s and Weasel’s most favorite thing to do in autumn is to go in the woods and take pictures of mushrooms. This year the forest was full of mushrooms in all sizes and colors. And all were posing, as they wanted to have their picture taken and become a star in the internet.

At the seals

The Bunny and The Weasel taking a selfie with a Seal. Drawing in ink on paper by Robby das Wiesel.

drawing by The Weasel- fineliner on paper -

The Bunny and the Weasel had a fantastic vacation at the seaside. One day they went to visit the seals. It was a calm, sunny day, and the seals were basking in the sun. The Bunny and the Weasel were so lucky, they even got a souvenir to bring home: a selfie with a seal.

The Bunny’s Ears

Bunny has such long ears, they go up to the sky, through the clouds, leaving the atmosphere, and the tips can be seen only from a spaceship or a satellite.

pigment fine liner on paper - by The Weasel

What not many knew was the the Bunny’s ears were so big, they reached the skies, going through the clouds, above the atmosphere. One could see the tips of the Bunny’s ears only from the space. Even the aliens were astound and came closer to the Earth to investigate